Report- Future Of Communication Technologies

The future of Visual Communication

As technology has advanced through the years we have used many ways to communicate; phone, skype, texting and photos. One aspect of comunication I am interested in seeing being developed in the future is visual communication. At present, instead of using just typing to communicate, such as texting and email, we have moved on to visual communication such as photos and videos.

The first and most powerful of visual communications amongst humans were cave paintings, petroglyphs and geoglyphs, which evidence has found that it was used up to 40,000 years ago for humans to communicate with each other. Visual communication over the years has moved from simple drawings, to taking pictures, to making videos and sending them to your friends. One form of visual communication I am very interested in seeing becoming reality is holographic communication.

The most advanced piece of technology we have right now on our quest to successfully inventing holographic communication is telehuman. Invented in 2012, Telehuman was created by researchers from the Human Media Lab at Queens University, Canada. ‘Why skype when you can talk to a life-size 3D holographic image of another person?’, famously said by Professor Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab. Telehuman ‘video conferencing pods’ are a step away from holographic communication. This piece of technology works using 6 Microsoft Kinect Sensors (motion sensors), a 3D projector, a translucent 1.8m tall cylinder and a convex mirror, which is a mirror with a curved reflective surface. Using this equipment, they have managed to create the illusion of someone standing in each of the pods using videos which are transferred into 3D form in each the pods. This means that each person can communicate with the life sized holographic image of the other as if they are standing right in front of each other, while they are really in two very different locations.

What I find interesting about this piece of technology which is still being researched and improved, they have already found another use for it, Bodipod. Just after the creation of Telehuman, the researchers working on the pod have come up with the idea of using it as a 3D anatomy model which can be explored using gestures and speech interactions.Using the waving gesture as you approach the pod, the skin of the 3D anatomy model peels off, revealing whats underneath such as muscles and organs. As you near the model, you can then use voice command, simply saying ‘show brain’, and the pod will zoom in on the model giving a detailed close up of the brain.

Unfortunately, like all new, developing technology, there are always a few issues to battle with. Delay in response from the sensors to the screens is a big issue beign looked at, as it becomes a big problem using this creation for smooth and easy communication.

As technology moves on however, I am excited to see this creation become a reality, to see it become a part of everyday life in the near future.


21st century designer.


For assignment 2 we were asked to create ink blots, the aim of this was to produce an image so that each reader would hopefully see the same thing. If not we were then asked to add something else to change it so that people would see the same thing.

Above is the original ink blot we produced. We ourselves could see instantly that it was some sort of animal, a bear cub, a puma, some even a monkey, however the reply from the viewers weren’t always similar.

” two bear cubs dancing back to back”
” conjoined monkey twins wearing fez’s and licking their fingers”
“Two bears back to back sucking thumbs”
“Circus bears”
“Two bears juggling”
“Two bears with mittens on”
“Two apes back to back licking their fingers”
“Two wolves and a moon”

The feedback from the first image was similar, everyone could see an animal, however it wasn’t always a bear which is what we originally had seen. One person from the above was correct however as not everyone was we had to edit our original image.


Once the image was edited we had shown everyone who had previously answered our question on the first image.

Upon this everyone had changed their initial thoughts and now were all thinking the same thing.

Two bears juggling.

21st century designers

Team 13110015119
We think that this person is female, with a good upbringing and quite girly. From all the family photos she seems to be quite a daddy’s girl and an only child. They seem to be quite a well off family, well presented and has had a good upbringing. Lovely hair!… 110009127
We think that this person a male, a collector, from all the different tickets on the wall. His room was quite studenty, and they seemed to be quite outgoing and always on the move from the different shows or plays they had been to. They had an interest in comics. They seemed musical, and quite ambitious. Lots of interests.

We think this is a female, who seems to have other siblings but they may not be there now. The house seems quite vacant. Quite girly, sentimental bedroom but the rest of the house seemed quite minimal/bare. Not materialistic, quite a simple bedroom. They seem quite laid back.


It was said about me from the opposite team that I was family orientated and friendly. I had one very close friend and went on good holidays abroad. I also liked my sleep but was not into sentimental things.

Bookworm Medal

‘Lace’ by Shirley Conran

 ‘Lace’ tells the story of the lives of a deep friendship of four girls, -Judy, Maxine, Pagan and Kate- which is later on in the book torn apart. The girls met at boarding school together, and grow up facing many different difficulties through each of their love lives and professional lives.  The book really looks at the typical behaviour of young schoolgirls who discuss their dreams of the future, and when they grow up, realise it’s not as simple as it seems. Each girl is very different in their own way, each with a feisty attitude and driven, making this book very entertaining.

The book is based on the four girls, who are forced to look back on the horrible details of their lives when they are faced with a mistake of the past, which walks into their lives demanding information to which one of the girls is her real mother, Lili. The four girls share a very deep secret, one which is the heart of the book, and when Lili shows up and confronts them with the famous line throughout the book ‘Which one of you bitches is my mother?’. The line immediately captures your attention and you are forced into reading the dirty details this novel gives. Each of the four girls comes across Lili throughout their lives, and each of the girls has a reason to hate her.

Lili is very different to the four girls- Judy, Maxine, Pagan and Kate are very elegant, sophisticated and successful women who were brought up with money.  Lili, leads a tragic upbringing of being adopted by a family who was looking more for a carer than a daughter, and was offered an escape by a man called Serge. Serge treated Lili well, lavished her with money so that she would stay with him and keep making him money as he realised Lili would one day become very successful, and exploits her so he doesn’t lose his chance in a share of the money. I feel Lili’s character is portrayed around the question ‘who is her mother?’ which on her journey to find nearly destroys her.

Lili looks back to the past to find out details of her mother, and narrows it down to the 4 school friends, and at the end of the book brings them together for an explosive end to the novel where she is told the truth.

BOOKWORM MEDAL “The arrival” by Shaun Tan

Not really a fan of reading??? I have something for you! =)

Here is the most amazing wordless graphic novel I have seen in my life.THE ARRIVAL.

The arrival is about a man who leaves his homeland and sets off for a new country, where he must build a new life for himself and his family. Shaun Tan captures the immigrant experience through clear, hypnotic images; all its pages are filled with complicated and detailed artwork.

It is a shockingly imaginative novel that captures the sense of adventure and wonder that surrounds a new arrival on the shores of a shining new city.

“An absolute wonder.  It’s not often you see art of this quality, or a book that’s so brave.” – Marjane Satrapi, author of Persepolis



BOOKWORM MEDAL “100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People”, by Susan Weinschenk.”

“Designing without understanding what makes people act the way they do is like exploring a new city without a map”

This book is an indispensable one not only for those that are starting out their careers but to any designer.

This book combines real science and research with practical examples to deliver a guide every designer needs. With it you’ll be able to design more intuitive and engaging work for print, websites, applications, and products that matches the way people think, work, and play.

The book is about very important topics that every designer should know. It talks about ways to increase the effectiveness, and usability of your own design projects by finding the answers to questions such as:

  • What grabs and holds attention on a page or screen?
  • What makes memories stick?
  • How can you predict the types of errors that people will make?
  • What is the limit to someone’s social circle?
  • How do you motivate people to continue on to the next step?

I’m reading it atm, I will tell you more later …