Right guys. These are the areas where I’ve put sheets up to sign I’ve also asked the DJCAD twitter to let students know about it. And ill let arty farty friends know also

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(1) RYAN – email teacher and ask about sending out questionnaires to senior high-school students – i’m sure you can work your magic.

(2) Use hashtag ‘workplace2030’ to see how people feel about it, all through social networking, e.g. Twitter, Facebook..

(3) Ask students around uni, around the library and classes, use the questions that are listed on the blog/Facebook and see what we get by the time we meet up again.

(4) We are putting up the anonymous question around the Art school, depending what you specialise in, that’s where you are putting it, add pen/pencil with it and make it a short & snappy question! Take it down on Friday.

(5) Ask the questions on the Facebook page to at least 2 of your family members.

(6) Trend forecasting in interior spaces – ask family members but I (Emma) will do web research for this too.


These sites look at some of the issues in the working environment, looking at the past and they way the workplace has changed and how it could change for the future.




Some research questions we have come up with through discussion. Yet to be selected.

1. How do you feel the working environment will progress in the future?
2. What are your predictions in the future work place?
3. What do you hope to get out of working?
4. How do you feel before and after work?
5. What type of environment would you like to work in?
6. What type of work environment would be best for you personally?
7. What do you think of your Parents job?
8. What aspects of work are you not looking forward to within your working environment?
9. What do you not want to change about your working environment?
10. What changes have come into your work place? Do you think they are good?
11. If you were allowed to make one change into your working environment what would it be?
12. Do you think your work environment is eco friendly?
13. What are your hopes and fears about going into the world of work?
14. What is the main thing you would look for in your working environment?
15. How do you think your workplace will change in the next 10 years?
16. What technology would you want to improve in your future work place?
17. How do you see your workplace evolving?
18. Is your work place keeping up to date with current design?
19. What part of your workplace do you consider old fashioned (if any)?



Heyyy I’m Hannah Pexton !

I am from Glasgow and I am currently studying Textile design at Duncan Of Jordanstone Art College which i love!

Before i came to Dundee i did a portfolio summer course at the Glasgow School of Art in the summer of  2010, which made me realise design was what i wanted to specialise in in the future, so therefore i then completed my portfolio at my school – Hutchesons’ Grammar.