Alright there Darling….

Hey there. My names Ryan Anderson. I’m a 22 y/o from Dundee. I have recently just started my 2nd year of Textile design at Dundee University after doing my HND at Dundee college.

I have recently finished an internship with Nikki McWilliams who is the owner of NikkiMade.
I have a strong passion for Textile and Fashion design after studying Fine Art for a year previously!

I recently have become an addict on twitter/ instagram and tumblr. Which I will link below. I enjoy photography very much, and like to find myself in front of the camera aswell as behind the camera. I believe a black and white photograph will speak a 1000 more words than a coloured one.

I am also a movie buff. Hence why my unlimited card for cineworld is my hero. Throughout summer I had seen every single film that was released. Harry Potter is a film no one can compete with.

I pretty much like to have fun, and live my day each day as it comes.


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About ralbert

Hi there im Ryan Anderson. A current Textile design student at DJCAD, in my 3rd year. Specialising in printed menswear. Im a lover of all things Grey and Geometric. After doing my HND at dundee college i eventually made my way to direct entry at DJCAD. Working part time in retail. A lover of theatre and film. My favourite musical is Spring Awakening. and actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

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