Meeting with John and Kate ……

so after the meeting with John and Kate, it was pretty clear, we may have gone in the wrong direction…. however these are my notes ….

We have to consider the needs for people …. not for work. 

how do we ask those needs and wants? do people work for the social aspect or for the money? 

people work to live and some other live to work.

look at management attitude, consider employee training courses.

Conversation with those people. Shadow the employed

Look at ways to improve creative industries. Think of our own work space within the studio, how would people know it was our work space? 

the idea of work

think about systems in place, expectations of work…

Consider those in the outside workplace, Portable, How can it be improved? How do they operate within others homes? Do they get distracted? 

*Delicious Generation

Redesign the way a job is done, dentists don’t need to work in a dentist? they can be portable.

Look at ways people can work together, WASP studios; single studios and not enough room for the collaboration.

Town to town sharpening knives. Disappearing industries. Mobile industries.

*Ice Cream Architecture

People only see lawyers when they are in trouble, see if there are ways to change the way law is practiced.

Bridging the gap from education into industry.

Human centered research.

We are not being asked to design a kettle, we are being asked to design something that boils water …

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Hi there im Ryan Anderson. A current Textile design student at DJCAD, in my 3rd year. Specialising in printed menswear. Im a lover of all things Grey and Geometric. After doing my HND at dundee college i eventually made my way to direct entry at DJCAD. Working part time in retail. A lover of theatre and film. My favourite musical is Spring Awakening. and actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

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