So, this is the evolving workforce in the eyes of a jeweller …

I have recently been in contact with Jane Gowans and have recieved some information which i believe may help us, as she is from a creative industry we could possibly focus upon that. As we ourselves are creative and there are problems within this industry as Kate has previously mentioned.

Hi Ryan,

Apologies for the delay. I hope you are well.
I work in a few different environments, being employed by The University of Dundee, Fife Contemporary Art & Craft and as a self-employed jeweller. This means I am lucky to have a broader overview of ‘the workplace.’
Across the board I feel the main change for the workplace has been the integration of technology. I imagine in years to come this will only become a stronger focus, it creates an accessible tool for innovative marketing (social media, interactive digital interfaces etc), can speed up production times and allows companies to work worldwide (communication through skype etc.) That is the short term view.
However the picture will change as the worldwide population, education and health care improves and changes, the long term view will shift in the workplace:
I would also say however that for every action there is a reaction. A current example would be Tesco vs local; with the increased ease of shopping in an environment where everything is the same and available 24hrs a day people bought into this, although over time I think it began to compromise our inherent human needs to forage, hunt and gather as well as highlight our dependence on global business. Tesco’s profits have fallen in the last 6 months and certainly in Dundee local stores are sustaining good business. This is probably coincidence but I feel that in the age of increased technology the human outreach of any business is key as well as the consumer’s sense of control.
I hope that helps a little bit. Not sure if that is the sort of thing you were after. Let me know if you have any further questions.
If you would like to also have a look at the work Jane does you can visit
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