(1) Anonymus . (19 November 2008). The changing role of the keeper . Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

A modern gamekeeper now has to gain a certificate of competency in health and safety for so many more aspects of his profession, whether it is meat hygiene, driving ATVs or using a chainsaw.” confirms what I found out when asking Gordon Bradley about his Gamekeeping experiences over the years, “Health and Safety continues to impact the job. For example, if working with any equipment I have to be officially trained before doing so and then certified. This applies to chain saws, quad bikes and clothing.” From this information, there seems to be a good side and a bad side to all of these Health and Safety rules and regulations, all these new safety rules means that to even use a chainsaw for example, you have to have to go on a course and receive a certificate, which costs more money then one may think, which is something Gordon Bradley looked as a negative, “There is a time and cost element to this aspect of the job”. On the other hand, “It has probably helped improve standards” but “whether there are fewer accidents now as a result is debatable. It’s a sign of the times, I suppose.” This suggests that a lot of gamekeepers feel the same way about the Health and Safety rules and how times have changed, it’s all very, dramatic. Maybe not worth all the fuss.

(2)Anonymus . (12 August 2008). Top tips to safeguard our gamekeepers.Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

This article expresses its concern on safety amongst the Gamekeeper community. It highlights the jobs that Gamekeepers undertake and what they should be doing in order to be very safe, “Training..Weather protection..First Aid training..Water” and all this training is provided by the Health and Safety Executive. This concern the HSE seem to have maybe shows that people are worried that Gamekeepers are at great risk with what they do and in the future, health and safety will be increased even more.

(3)Anonymus . (15 August 2012). Modern Gamekeeping – a must read for gamekeepers. Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

The gamekeeping, game farming and game dealing industries make a massive contribution to the £2billion income created by the shooting industry each year”, very interesting fact. This magazine emphasises the future of game keeping, even though the job is old, most things about it are evolving, even the gamekeepers themselves, with Smartphones for example. They can get the best deals and know whats going on with one click. The app apparently helps with Health and Safety rules too: Keep disease under control with the best veterinary advice, observe best practice in action, and pick up tips from other working gamekeepers, stay informed about developments in new equipment and tackle vermin and predators efficiently. Gives an idea on where this, as a job is going.

(4)Charlie Gall. (August 25th, 2011).Gamekeepers in new safety call after shooting tragedy. Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

Stories like these make organisations like the HSE slam down on safety rules. A lot of people complain or criticise the non stop increasing Health and Safety rules but when stories such as the above happen, it backs up why this is happening. The negative though is that this is only one incident that happened, a rare incident that wasn’t meant to happen and does not apply to all trainee Gamekeepers.

(5)University of Hertfordshire. (2006). Health and Safety. Available: Last accessed 22nd Oct 2012.

This is a clear outline of all the health and safety hazards out there, laws and reports on the Agriculture department as a whole. Although this was updated last in 2006, it gives a good idea of everything altogether as from then until now, they have just built more on to this Agricultural documentation, the fundamentals are always there to stay.

(6) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health . (2011).HAZARDS TO OUTDOOR WORKERS. Available: Last accessed 31st Oct 2012.

This article outlines the the hazards of outdoor workers clearly and quickly, including physical, biological and poisonous hazards. Even though this is coming from an American point of view, it is interesting and a lot of those factors still apply the UK outdoor workers and states how hazardous an outdoor job can be. I found this to be a very helpful article as it got straight to the point of current issues and quickly gave me the information I needed.


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