Gamekeepers Help in Schools.

So this article is about how game keepers, are becoming teachers and leaving their natural environment  to educate in schools.

“Gamekeepers live close to nature and want to share their love of the natural world with others, especially children, the adults of tomorrow. We have produced the CD – Rom because surveys show that 49 out of every 50 members of the public have never met a gamekeeper face-to-face. Hopefully, it will enable youngsters to gain a better insight into why the countryside is so special to us all. I really hope the children and the teachers enjoy the CD – Rom.”

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Hi there im Ryan Anderson. A current Textile design student at DJCAD, in my 3rd year. Specialising in printed menswear. Im a lover of all things Grey and Geometric. After doing my HND at dundee college i eventually made my way to direct entry at DJCAD. Working part time in retail. A lover of theatre and film. My favourite musical is Spring Awakening. and actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

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