Technology Bibliography

Wilcox, D . (2012). No Place Like Home GPS shoes. Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

Northamptonshire, a place known for shoe making.  Founded there is the Global Footprint Commission. Designer Dominic Wilcox saw this as a challenge where he would thrive to achieve a creation that had yet to be invented. Taking the idea of transport and ‘The wizard of Oz’ where Dorothy clicked her heals and transported home, came up with the idea of the GPS shoe. These were to be a guide home. First Wilcox came up with the sketches and from there he would need a technician and then a shoe maker to produce the footwear. This is wear Becky Stewart (technician) and Stamp Shoes come in. Between the three skills combined ‘No Place Like Home’ where created.

Wakefield, J. (2012). Wearable tech pioneers aim to track and augment our lives. Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

Early October headline stories included a story about one cyclist who challenged a policeman over his erratic driving, this resulted in cyclists wearing helmets with built in cameras. It had long been expected that technology would being one with man. Nike produced a piece of wearable technology that was able to connect with the users smartphone that would offer an array of information, from the amount of energy burned to the number of steps taken. Sony also released the ‘smarter watch’ which also can connect to the users smartphone all updates within the users smartphone can be directly read upon the face of the watch. Google developed the ‘Autographer’ which can discreetly record the life of the wearer. This piece can be clipped onto a belt, a bag or even a lanyard around the neck. The ‘autographer’ can photograph the events using 5 sensors. It appears that wearable technology is still within the early development stages, however is it most certain to make an appearance in the mainstream industry.

Mycroft, D. (2009). Ten Ways Technology Changed The Outdoors.Available: Last accessed 23rd Oct 2012.

Ten ways that modern has changed the outdoors. This is from clothing, materials such a titanium, ultra-light synthetics. This is a look back from twenty years ago. And that technology to date is still vastly changing, and therefore will affect the outdoors to date. This is relevant as gamekeepers spend most if not all of their day outside, and technology is an issue for them, and since technology has changed this much in twenty years’ time, it can give us an insight into what technology will be like in another twenty years to come.

Lee, D. (2012). When art and tech collide. Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

3beards company gather 50 developers and 50 artists in one room for a weekend, and ask them to create something that is visually interactive. The idea of the project is to turn data into a source of creativity. From there they chose 25 projects to be shown in an art gallery.

Manns, D. (2011). How technology will affect the nature of outdoor .Available: Last accessed 18th Oct 2012.

Clear Channel and UM London creative chiefs describe how the use of technology will transform the nature of out-of-home advertising. This is helpful as it gives us an insight into ones opinions about technology and what he thinks will be involved in the evolution of technology outdoors.

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