Bibliography -Outdoor Work- Economy and Legalisation

Anonymous. (2012). The Gamekeeper: Professional Countryside Manager. Available: Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

 ‘The British Association for shooting and Conservation’ website includes text which helps the understanding of an outdoor worker.  I feel there is relevant information within this article as it contains information on economy. This article explains the vast amount of hectares that Gamekeepers have to cover, which works out to be 1,460 hectares per Gamekeeper within the UK. The article then explores the qualities of the Gamekeeper which includes their input of their own money .This helps to understand that Gamekeepers are struggling with economy by having to reduce workers and feed their own hard earned money into their work and society.

Cheryl Hewitt. (2012). Road Workers. Available: Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

This website contains the skills and offers given to this companies workers. This information is relevant because it allows room to discover what is missed and what legalisations are beneficial and could be further developed.

Anonymous. (2012). The Outdoor Recreation Economy. Available: Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

This website is full of information regarding outdoor workers. It contains economy information statistics and facts. This article explains that within the USA there are many goals to improve the outdoor workplace as the writer explains the potential of economy, social and health benefits of outdoor recreation.  This article further explains its relevance within outdoor workers as there is a general goal to demand for highly skilled outdoor workers especially in areas like technology. ‘Americans spend nearly as much on snow sports ($ 853 billion) As they do on internet access ($54 billion)’.

Anonymous. (.). Work Equipment. Available: Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

 This website contains information regarding legalisation within working environments and information about equipment and training. I find this useful as it covers information within many jobs and contains ways to improve and to look into legalisation.

Anonymous. (.). Industry Topics- Road Worker Safety. Available: Last accessed 20th Oct 2012.

This article expresses the problems which many wish to tackle within road worker safety to lower the risks of the workers. This information is relevant as it discusses laws. The hopes of many road workers are to change the law of road users in order to improve workers safety. There are ideas of approaching the government to make new laws and adapting the environment which road workers work in.

Pinsent Mason. (2010). Legal news and guidance from Pinsent Masons. Available: Last accessed 20th Oct 2012.

This article contains information about legalisation and ideas that should be taken forward to become the new laws of today. I find this article beneficial not because of its direct relevance to outdoor work but because of the ideas it triggers off. Laws should be enforced to ensure that outdoor workers do not have to work in difficult temperatures or an idea to be developed which would help this issue.


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