Clothing For Outdoor Workers Bibliography by Hannah Pexton

Outdoor Workers: Clothing .  Bibliography

Article by Charlie Norton- ‘The man who fell to Earth: The daredevil who freefalls from space’
(October 2012) –

This article is about Felix Baumgartner who freefalls 23 miles from space. Although most of the article isn’t very relevant to the usual clothing for outdoor workers, it talks about the survival suit he wore. It explains the different parts of the suit which were taken into consideration for the environment he would be in. I feel this is relevant to us, as no matter the condition, outdoor workers should have the right clothing to suit the environment.


Article by Ian Sample- ‘Spray-on Clothing Becomes A Reality’ (September 2010) –


This article talks about the fashion designer, Manel Torres, who has teamed with scientists at Imperial College London and invented spray on fabric. As it is quick to spray onto the body, I felt this article is relevant to us as this spray on fabric could be twisted in a way which makes it useful for outdoor workers- for example, making it waterproof.


Article by – ‘The Soul Drysuit’ (April 2012) –

This article talks about the new ‘Soul Drysuit’ which has been put through many different intensive tests on the different aspects of the drysuit. They have investigated their older products and made many new improvements to them and produced this new, improved product. This article is relevant to us as it is a product for offshore workers; we are not just looking at onshore workers. It is a very good piece for anyone who spends all day on the water.


Article by Soldier Systems- ‘US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort Still Going Strong’ (June 2012) –

This article talks of how the US Army is trying to improve the visual aspect of the uniform and also lower the cost of it. This article is relevant as it highlights that not only is wearability an issue for people, but also is the cost can be an issue.




Article by Amby Burfoot – ‘New Study Favors Forefoot Strike’ (June 2012)  –

This article is about the study of the injuries obtained from normal trainers, compared to the decrease in injuries when wearing minimalist shoes.  This article is relevant to us as it is a study on improving the comfort and decreasing the many injuries outdoor workers who are constantly on their feet can suffer from.


Article by Charles Parsons – ‘Indura Ultrasoft Flame Resistant Fabrics’ (March 2010)-

Safety is a big issue when working outdoors such as with electricity. Clothing can help to prevent burns and safety issues by improving their durability and using the right fabrics.  This article relates to us as it talks of how they are improving the fabrics used by outdoor workers by improving the comfort, durability, wash stability and most importantly- protection.


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