21st century designers

Team 13110015119
We think that this person is female, with a good upbringing and quite girly. From all the family photos she seems to be quite a daddy’s girl and an only child. They seem to be quite a well off family, well presented and has had a good upbringing. Lovely hair!… 110009127
We think that this person a male, a collector, from all the different tickets on the wall. His room was quite studenty, and they seemed to be quite outgoing and always on the move from the different shows or plays they had been to. They had an interest in comics. They seemed musical, and quite ambitious. Lots of interests.

We think this is a female, who seems to have other siblings but they may not be there now. The house seems quite vacant. Quite girly, sentimental bedroom but the rest of the house seemed quite minimal/bare. Not materialistic, quite a simple bedroom. They seem quite laid back.


It was said about me from the opposite team that I was family orientated and friendly. I had one very close friend and went on good holidays abroad. I also liked my sleep but was not into sentimental things.


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