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We think that this person is female, with a good upbringing and quite girly. From all the family photos she seems to be quite a daddy’s girl and an only child. They seem to be quite a well off family, well presented and has had a good upbringing. Lovely hair!… 110009127
We think that this person a male, a collector, from all the different tickets on the wall. His room was quite studenty, and they seemed to be quite outgoing and always on the move from the different shows or plays they had been to. They had an interest in comics. They seemed musical, and quite ambitious. Lots of interests.

We think this is a female, who seems to have other siblings but they may not be there now. The house seems quite vacant. Quite girly, sentimental bedroom but the rest of the house seemed quite minimal/bare. Not materialistic, quite a simple bedroom. They seem quite laid back.


It was said about me from the opposite team that I was family orientated and friendly. I had one very close friend and went on good holidays abroad. I also liked my sleep but was not into sentimental things.



Bluffer literature Review

A literature review of the ‘Outdoor Recreation Economy’ founded on the ‘Outdoor Industry’ website talks about the benefits that would take place if economy was being filtered into the outdoor workplace. Within the USA, in this case, there are expectations and wishes to improve the outdoor workplace. The USA take in nearly ‘$85 billion within snowboarding’, therefore gives a chance to modernize and fund the outdoor attractions and workplace as this much money is being put in by the public. However this does not happen because very few people are willing to modernize and improve the outdoor conditions and are desperate for more workers to be included and interested to help progress this idea.

This article also discusses the social and health benefits of outdoor recreation. If more money and time was put into employing people with the correct skills this could create an improved area of comfort for the public and the workers. In this case within outdoor activities it would increase people to visit which would then increase economy even further and allow room to employ more staff with correct skills. With increasing public visits the money being put into paying for access would also go towards modernizing and making it an enjoyable experience. People and workers prove to have social and health benefits of outdoor work along with enjoyment but there is a huge realization that improvements for the outdoor work and activities need to be acted on.

There is a realization that there is a general goal to involve highly skilled outdoor workers within their field of work. There is an extreme lack of workers which are skilled in technology. Therefore room should be made to allow workers to be trained in this area and time and money should be put to one side to improve this issue. If this issue was improved the comforts for public and workers would be improved drastically.

There is a great rising passion for outdoor work to be improved as the main focus has always been the issued within the office and closed condition environments but there is great room for improvement within outdoor activity areas.


A literature review of ‘The Gamekeepers’ founded on ‘The British Association for shooting’ discuss the issues that Gamekeepers find they come across at work. Gamekeepers have extremely high demands to cover large areas of land which they need to look after daily. Within the UK it works out that they have about 1,460 hectares of land to cover each. These high demands create an unfair workplace for the Gamekeepers and needs to be resolved.  There are less and less Gamekeepers each year as the economy is lowering in this field and people are not willing to be so challenged at work for a poor wage and harsh conditions. 

Money is a large issue and this reflects in the lack of workers. This article explains how there should be more ways of supporting the Gamekeepers through bringing in money from different areas such as the Government and personal funding. However the input of money is shown to be coming from the Gamekeepers their selves. This helps to understand that this issue needs to be resolved as the workers and funding their own money into their workplace which decreases their pay even more. This will then soon cause an issue with the employment of Gamekeepers if this unfair workplace continues and needs to be looked into by the Government, and personal projects to allow fairness to the UK workers.

Within these two articles there is a clear understanding that economy needs to be increased within outdoor working environments and shown the same attention to outdoor workplaces as indoor. Improving the training of workers needs to be an issue that is explored as this would improve the quality of the workplace. Legislations would be a good point to cover and exploring the fairness of the outdoor workers. Over all time, money and staff need to be filtered into this workplace as it is as valuable as any other work.

Anonymous. (2012). The Outdoor Recreation Economy. Available: http://www.outdoorindustry.org/images/researchfiles/OIA_OutdoorRecEconomyReport2012.pdf. Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.


Anonymous. (2012). The Gamekeeper: Professional Countryside Manager. Available: http://www.basc.org.uk/en/departments/game-and-gamekeeping/gamekeeping/the-gamekeeper-professional-countryside-manager.cfm. Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

 Bibliography -Outdoor Work- Economy and Legalisation

Anonymous. (2012). The Gamekeeper: Professional Countryside Manager. Available: http://www.basc.org.uk/en/departments/game-and-gamekeeping/gamekeeping/the-gamekeeper-professional-countryside-manager.cfm. Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

 ‘The British Association for shooting and Conservation’ website includes text which helps the understanding of an outdoor worker.  I feel there is relevant information within this article as it contains information on economy. This article explains the vast amount of hectares that Gamekeepers have to cover, which works out to be 1,460 hectares per Gamekeeper within the UK. The article then explores the qualities of the Gamekeeper which includes their input of their own money .This helps to understand that Gamekeepers are struggling with economy by having to reduce workers and feed their own hard earned money into their work and society.

Cheryl Hewitt. (2012). Road Workers. Available: http://bearscot.com/Careers/1351/Roadworkers/. Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

This website contains the skills and offers given to this companies workers. This information is relevant because it allows room to discover what is missed and what legalisations are beneficial and could be further developed.

Anonymous. (2012). The Outdoor Recreation Economy. Available: http://www.outdoorindustry.org/images/researchfiles/OIA_OutdoorRecEconomyReport2012.pdf. Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

This website is full of information regarding outdoor workers. It contains economy information statistics and facts. This article explains that within the USA there are many goals to improve the outdoor workplace as the writer explains the potential of economy, social and health benefits of outdoor recreation.  This article further explains its relevance within outdoor workers as there is a general goal to demand for highly skilled outdoor workers especially in areas like technology. ‘Americans spend nearly as much on snow sports ($ 853 billion) As they do on internet access ($54 billion)’.

Anonymous. (.). Work Equipment. Available: http://www.healthyworkinglives.com/advice/work-equipment/working-equipment.aspx. Last accessed 19th Oct 2012.

 This website contains information regarding legalisation within working environments and information about equipment and training. I find this useful as it covers information within many jobs and contains ways to improve and to look into legalisation.

Anonymous. (.). Industry Topics- Road Worker Safety. Available: http://www.htma.co.uk/smartweb/hot-topics/road-worker-safety. Last accessed 20th Oct 2012.

This article expresses the problems which many wish to tackle within road worker safety to lower the risks of the workers. This information is relevant as it discusses laws. The hopes of many road workers are to change the law of road users in order to improve workers safety. There are ideas of approaching the government to make new laws and adapting the environment which road workers work in.

Pinsent Mason. (2010). Legal news and guidance from Pinsent Masons. Available: http://www.out-law.com/page-10643. Last accessed 20th Oct 2012.

This article contains information about legalisation and ideas that should be taken forward to become the new laws of today. I find this article beneficial not because of its direct relevance to outdoor work but because of the ideas it triggers off. Laws should be enforced to ensure that outdoor workers do not have to work in difficult temperatures or an idea to be developed which would help this issue.

Road construction

So I was thinking when driving home… The temporary traffic lights they use when doing road construction are absolutely no use. They have them set up in Birkhill just now and previously in Muirhead. They are only temporary so get carter from site to site and are not in the best of condition. They have been jamming on the red light which brings traffic to a standstill and this prevents road users being on time for work for example. They also cause bother for work men who are trying to get on with their jobs always having to stop their duties to fix the problem or take it in their own hands to physically guide the traffic. This causes delay for work in every angle – the work men trying to do their job- the road users trying to get to their jobs with high volume of traffic in rush hour times especially and the problem of roads being faulty for longer than needed.

I have spoken to my Dad who is an area manager and he finds this a big concern also and proably worth looking into.

Some research questions we have come up with through discussion. Yet to be selected.

1. How do you feel the working environment will progress in the future?
2. What are your predictions in the future work place?
3. What do you hope to get out of working?
4. How do you feel before and after work?
5. What type of environment would you like to work in?
6. What type of work environment would be best for you personally?
7. What do you think of your Parents job?
8. What aspects of work are you not looking forward to within your working environment?
9. What do you not want to change about your working environment?
10. What changes have come into your work place? Do you think they are good?
11. If you were allowed to make one change into your working environment what would it be?
12. Do you think your work environment is eco friendly?
13. What are your hopes and fears about going into the world of work?
14. What is the main thing you would look for in your working environment?
15. How do you think your workplace will change in the next 10 years?
16. What technology would you want to improve in your future work place?
17. How do you see your workplace evolving?
18. Is your work place keeping up to date with current design?
19. What part of your workplace do you consider old fashioned (if any)?


‘If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.’
Ashleigh Gray, 19, Dundee.
I am currently studying textile design because it is my passion and something I love to do. Before I attended Duncan of Jordanstone I went to Dundee College to study the Portfolio Preparation Programme where I discovered different skills and techniques which have benefited me. I then went on to study first year at DJCAD which allowed to me to develop these skills even further and lead me into my second year.
I live just outside Dundee in Auchterhouse. I love to have fun, laugh, meet new people and Socialize .I value my family and friends a lot…. Oh and Lady GaGa is FAB!!!