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Bibliography – Transport

Article by Unknown Auther  -‘The electric car — a green transport revolution in the making?’ (Last modified – Oct 12, 2011)

This article is about looking at the way of electric technology within cars and looking at how it could be possible for a electric car to not be introduced as a new type of fuel but a complete new technology. It looks at the differences of electric to normal fuels but not only lists the advantages of an electric car but also the disadvantages. One of the disadvantages that has been listed is that the energy to power electric cars won’t necessarily come from green energy and could still be produced in other ways. This article is relevant because it presents new ideas for transport that could be changed to make it more suitable for the environment and also cost effective for traveling workmen.

Article by Ikram Junaidi  -‘Transport fares not fair, complain commuters’ (Last modified – Oct 29, 2012)

This article is looking more into the costing of transport and how the fees to use public transport remain high even with fuel costs constant variation and looking at the way in which people are wanting to use public transport because the high cost and how nothing seems to be going down in price but the income isn’t getting any higher to compensate for this. This is relevant and relates to the cost of getting to work and looking at a way of decreasing transport costs to find a way of being convenient and cost effective.

Article by Bangalore -‘Revamp transport to ensure better public health’ (Last modified – Oct 29, 2012)

This article looks at the idea of how unclean public transport can cause bad health from the transferring of germs. This mainly looks at the idea that bad air circulation on public transport can cause a transfer of germs. This is something that could be looked at because less people would be wanting to use public transport if they know it is going to constantly make them ill. Also looking at the idea of anyone can travel within public transport so the idea if a healthcare worker had to be exposed to the germs on public transport is quite bad because it can cause spreading of disease within delicate health workplaces.

Article by Stephen Evans -‘Is Berlin the safest city to be a cyclist?’ (Last Modified – 4 November 2012)

This article looks at the way in which berlin is safer to cycle in aposed to some of the big cities in the world and how cyclists arn’t really considered in other places like london and new york because of the heavy amounts of traffic and the way motor drivers will yell towards cyclists on the roads. The city has had a cycling boom because of the way cycling was promoted back in 2005. This article relates to our project because of the points put across in that bigger cites don’t really have cyclists because of the way they are viewed by road users and this could be something to look at on the way cycling is a green way of travel and should be considered.

Article by Simona Sikimic -‘Commuter chaos coming to London’ (Last modified – 3 November 2012)

This looks at the redevelopment of the london tower bridge and the modifications coming next year for the way it is going to affect transport into and around london. With the bridge being one of the main connections around the city. This is also a positive because of the fact the transport agency are looking at ways to make transport easier and once the redevelopment is done then it should be better for commuters. This project is one of the biggest transport projects ever undertaken and hopefully will have better results once complete. This relates to the project at it looks at the way redevelopments are being done for the commuter and how a better experience might affect the mood of the worker.


These sites look at some of the issues in the working environment, looking at the past and they way the workplace has changed and how it could change for the future.





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Hey, my names Carl Hubery. I’m 19 and I’m originally from the northeast of England, from a little town called Peterlee although no one knows where it is. So if I get asked I just say near Newcastle. I’m currently studying Interior and Environmental Design at the University of Dundee. I am direct entry into year 2 on my course at the uni. Before university I was studying at an art college back home where I left with a Level 3 in 3D design.