21st century designer.


For assignment 2 we were asked to create ink blots, the aim of this was to produce an image so that each reader would hopefully see the same thing. If not we were then asked to add something else to change it so that people would see the same thing.

Above is the original ink blot we produced. We ourselves could see instantly that it was some sort of animal, a bear cub, a puma, some even a monkey, however the reply from the viewers weren’t always similar.

” two bear cubs dancing back to back”
” conjoined monkey twins wearing fez’s and licking their fingers”
“Two bears back to back sucking thumbs”
“Circus bears”
“Two bears juggling”
“Two bears with mittens on”
“Two apes back to back licking their fingers”
“Two wolves and a moon”

The feedback from the first image was similar, everyone could see an animal, however it wasn’t always a bear which is what we originally had seen. One person from the above was correct however as not everyone was we had to edit our original image.


Once the image was edited we had shown everyone who had previously answered our question on the first image.

Upon this everyone had changed their initial thoughts and now were all thinking the same thing.

Two bears juggling.